Go For GOLD!

By bringing groups of girls together on wilderness adventures, GOLD gives young women the opportunity to be their courageous selves as they bond with a group of their peers in some of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest! Alongside your new friends you will spend one to three weeks exploring the wilderness on epic adventures ranging from practicing yoga on the sea shelled speckled shores of the Olympic Coast, hiking through alpine meadows and swimming in the alpine lakes of the North Cascades, or climbing the vertical rock faces of Smith Rock State Park.

The first challenge you will face is to pick which GOLD adventure you want to do! There are so many amazing adventures to be had that it is hard to pick just one. You will backpack, rock climb, river raft, make art, practice yoga, write stories and poetry, make music, and cook delicious backcountry meals amidst landscapes you have only dreamed of and seen on postcards!

On every trip our amazing instructors will guide you through these natural wonderlands as you take on a number of activities and challenges that will leave you wanting more! We send out small groups, 10 students max with 2-3 female instructors. Our small group sizes allows for our amazing instructors to serve as mentors to our participants as they navigate the wilderness and what it means to be a strong courageous women in today’s society.

It requires courage to make new friends, sleep outside for the first time, climb to the top of a snow capped peak, and to trust yourself and put your trust in a group of people you have just met. Our participants develop and act with courage throughout their GOLD trip which empowers them to build resiliency to overcome the challenges they see on trail and in life back home! The feeling of joy you will experience with your new friends as you accomplish so many of your goals on trip is unparalleled, and it will leave you inspired to set and achieve new goals once you get back home.

If you are looking to be a part of an amazing community and do something unique this summer, join GOLD on an epic adventure! Click on the summer tab to see our full program offerings.