BOLD & GOLD Collaborative Educational Leadership Expeditions

For our older students we offer a handful of programs each summer that have a deeper emphasis on leadership development where our participants work with a group of their peers, male and female, and seize the moment as they embark on a 2-3 week wilderness adventure! These adventures are longer than many of our single gender programs, and provide more opportunities to grow as a leader, build new skills, and see new sights. On a BOLD & GOLD COED expeditionmay find yourself learning different leadership styles beneath an old growth forest, summiting a glorious alpine peak, cooking pizza over an open fire, and learning to navigate over mountain passes using just a compass and map all on the same trip!

Picking which COED expedition you want to go on is no easy task! The great thing about our COED expeditions is you can choose to travel to all sorts of areas, or choose to stay and explore one beautiful location for the duration of your trip. Backpacking, rock climbing, river rafting

Each of our COED programs features small groups of 9-10 students max with 2-3 instructors (at least one male and one female instructor). The small group sizes allows for our participants to each get a chance to actively lead the group, with every participant getting a chance to be “Leader of the Day” as well as hold many other leadership positions throughout the trip. Our instructors are there for our participants as teachers, mentors, and teammates as they make their way through our leadership progression throughout their trip.

Throughout the trip, we ask our participants to be their true selves. This can be hard to do in their everyday life, but on our COED expeditions we create an inclusive environment where all of our participant’s opinions are valued, and they can explore what different leadership styles and work on stepping up as a leader both with their new team and back home in their communities. After 2 to 3 weeks of hiking long days, climbing epic cliffs, and sleeping under the stars, our participants will have the confidence to tackle any challenge, and the enthusiasm to bring others along for the ride!