Be Yourself, Be a Leader, Be BOLD!

By signing up for a BOLD summer wilderness expedition you are joining an amazing community of young men and leaders that are just as excited as you to get out and explore the beautiful wild lands of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are backpacking among the snow-capped peaks of the North Cascades, climbing the rock walls of Mt. Erie, or navigating the tides of the Olympic Coast, your new team and AMAZING instructors will have the time of your lives confronting new challenges on your big adventure!

The hardest part of going on a BOLD adventure is picking which one you want to do. We go to so many cool places and do so many cool things, that it can be hard to choose which adventure is best for you! We offer backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, river rafting, creative writing, music, and backcountry cooking programs that will excite everyone from beginners to our experienced alumni. Check out our summer schedule to see the descriptions of all the programs we offer!

Regardless of what trip you sign up for, you will be led by one of our outstanding wilderness instructors. Our instructors are one of the things that make our program so special, and they serve as role models to the hundreds of youth we serve each year.

Being out in the woods with a group of all boys allows our participants to be themselves while stepping out of their comfort zone on this new adventure. Our participants get to have fun exploring the wonder of the wilderness while learning what it means to be an emotionally intelligent male back home in their communities. Through the challenges they face on trail and the support they receive from their new friends, our participants come back from their trip with higher self-esteem, positive relationships with their peers and adults, and a feeling that they can take on the world! This is the reason many of our participants come back year after year to experience new adventures, see new places, and make new friends! We hope you join us as we carry on this amazing tradition!